20 Novembre 2024 - 22 Novembre 2024 Event

Origin for Sustainability | International Conference 2024

 10.00 am
 University of Parma, ITALY

As a platform for knowledge and multiple stakeholders, Origin for Sustainability organises an international Forum each year with a renewed focus, bringing together participants from five continents over three days.

The 2024 international conference will be held at the University of Parma in Italy from 20 to 22 November 2024.

This year’s theme will be:

The Role of Origin in the Sustainability of localised Food Systems
in particular, the role of circular economy in Geographical Indications

The issue of sustainable food systems is gaining momentum, especially with COP28 unveiling ambitious strategies. Key focuses include nutrition, emission reduction, and adapting agricultural practices to enhance food production sustainably. Geographical indications play a significant role in this, showcasing strengths and spearheading various initiatives like energy conservation, waste recycling, promoting circular economy principles, and adopting agroecological practices. Innovations such as enhanced labelling and marketing strategies aim to raise consumer awareness and support sustainable production.

GIs are tools that are recognized to contribute to the economic welfare of their region of origin. They coexist with alternative options that boost the market access and the economic return to the local farmers and food producers. The objective of this international conference is to share different experiences and scientific work about the way sustainability improvement is occuring in the regions where origin is a marker of the identity of the products and is a tool which is mobilised by the local communities to reach out the consumers through direct marketing or long chains, combining with remarkable landscapes, tourism and daily life of the community.

Through interactive sessions, policy dialogues, and stakeholder engagements, we aspire to catalyze actionable strategies and foster a collective commitment towards building resilient, equitable, and sustainable agrifood systems that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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