15 Ottobre 2024 - 18 Ottobre 2024 Event

XIII EU Mountain Convention on “Shaping the future of mountain economies”

 09.00 am
 Puigcerdà, Catalunya, SPAIN

European Mountain Conventions are the biennial gathering of mountain stakeholders and are a great opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge and to network with hundreds of participants from all over Europe.

Organised by Euromontana, the Government of Catalonia and CREAF, the event will build on the 2050 vision for mountain areas articulated during the previous European Mountain Convention held in Calabria in 2022, and will focus on how to make mountain economies more sustainable, resilient and prosperous.

Mountain economies are based on economic sectors that are the beating heart of mountain areas, provide employment to mountain communities and essential ecosystem services to the society at large, and are often embedded in territorial identities and values.

However, these value chains face a number of economic, social and environmental challenges, exacerbated by the geographical constraints of mountain areas. The XIII European Mountain Convention will be an opportunity to explore and identify solutions and pathways to overcome some of these challenges.

Through plenary sessions, high-level panels and interactive workshops, the conference will aim to address the following topics:

  • What do future oriented mountain economies look like?
  • How to bring more value to agricultural products and bring back the secondary sector in mountain areas?
  • How to increase resilience through diversification?
  • What economic models in a context of environmental and climatic transitions?
  • How to attract and retain workers?
  • How to take advantage of rural-urban linkages to build prosperous and resilient mountain economies?

All the information are available here: https://www.euromontana.org/emc-speakers/

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