17 octobre 2019Évènement

Governance, Common Market Organisation and Geographical Indications in the new CAP post 2020

 02.30 pm
 Bruxelles, BELGIUM

On October 17th 2019, AREPO, AREFLH and AGRIREGIONS hosted the conference « Governance, Common Market Organisation and Geographical Indications in the new CAP post 2020 », at the Common House of Hessen, Emilia-Romagna, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Wielkopolska (Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Brussels). 

The event aimed to provide, with the beginning of the new legislature, an opportunity for discussion on the new Common Agricultural Policy among relevant stakeholders.

For more information, you can download the programme

You can read the report of the seminar at this link (EN).

Please click here to check the press release of the event.


AREFLH is the Assembly of the European Horticultural Regions, an association representing 19 EU regions and 25 associations of producer organisations from 7 European countries. Its main tasks are: to defend the economic and social interests of the fruit and vegetable and floriculture sectors in Europe; promote exchanges of good practice, partnerships and joint projects between regions and professional organisations; to actively seek new solutions to the main problems affecting the future of fruit and vegetable production in Europe.

AREPO (Association of European Regions for Products of Origin) brings together 34 regions from 9 EU States and more than 700 associations of producers of geographical indications from these regions, that is, more than 50% of European GIs. The aim of AREPO is to promote and defend the interests of producers and consumers in European regions who are committed to promoting quality agri-food products.
AGRIREGIONS (The Coalition of European Agricultural Regions) is the voice of the European regions mobilized to defend a strong common agricultural policy and the role of European regions in its implementation. AGRIREGIONS brings together 14 European regions from 6 EU Member States. Together, they represent more than 15% of the European population and more than 18% of the EU’s utilised agricultural area (UAA).

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