18 May 2020 - 20 May 2020 Event

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Agriculture Week

 09.00 am

Due to government measures linked to COVID 19, the 60th edition of the Aquitaine Agricultural Fair, initially scheduled for 16 to 24 May 2020, has been cancelled.

Although the traditional format of the show could not be maintained, its management chose to create the first “Semaine de l’Agriculture Nouvelle-Aquitaine” from 18 to 20 May, proposing a digital platform for exchanges between all the players and partners in agriculture, who usually met at the show, and the whole of society.

Agriculture Week is the starting point for a new communication strategy for regional agriculture. In particular, in the midst of a health crisis in which agriculture has played an essential role in guaranteeing our food supply, it is essential to reaffirm that Agriculture is everybody’s business. However, its aim is to inform as many people as possible digitally about an agriculture that is in the midst of upheaval. This will be done through several means: social networks and agriweb.tv, which will be inaugurated in 2019 and will become an essential media.

In fact, all the debates will be offered live on agriweb.tv and in video. They will be interactfied and the dedicated website semaineagriculture-na.com will allow the public to ask questions beforehand or to intervene live during the first broadcast of a debate.

Register on semaineagriculture-na.com

For more information and the programme of the week, see:

  1. The press kit
  2. The website semaineagriculture-na.com
  3. Facebook – SalondelagricultureNouvelleAquitaine; Instagram – agri_aquitaine; Twitter – Agri_Aquitaine

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