7 August 2023

MOVING: the latest project releases on mountain value chains

27 June 2023

NEW ON MOVING BLOG: FAO publications towards sustainable GIs

1 June 2023

The European Parliament approves by a large majority its position on the revision of EU GIs system

30 May 2023

MOVING survey on the EU optional quality term “mountain product”

10 May 2023

VIDEO – 5th AREPO European event on quality and origin products in the framework of AGROSMARTglobal

3 May 2023

MOVING mountain clusters

2 May 2023

The Region of Castilla y León re-joins AREPO

25 April 2023

EP‘s AGRI Committee approves report on GIs Revision

6 April 2023

5th AREPO EU event on Quality and Origin Products in the framework of AGROSMARTglobal

14 March 2023

AREPO Practical Guide on “The protection of GIs on the Internet” | AGROSMARTglobal

7 March 2023


11 February 2023

MOVING 5th Steering Committee

14 December 2022

The Grand Est Region joins AREPO

5 December 2022

CoR Plenary approves by unanimity the opinion on the revision of EU GIs system

1 December 2022

EU Regions give their contribution to the debate on upcoming Food Nutrition Labelling regulation

2 November 2022

AREPO members met in Würzburg for the second General Assembly of 2022

21 October 2022

MOVING’s Steering Committee: partners met in Saignelégier

11 October 2022

NEW ON MOVING BLOG: The EU CAP Network, the platform where MOVING contributions and the new CAP objectives can meet

11 October 2022

Revision of EU GIs: the priorities set by De Castro MEP

7 October 2022

Evaluating Geographical Indications – Guide to tailor evaluation for the development and improvement of Geographical Indications