05 juillet 2022 - 08 juillet 2022 Évènement

Worldwide perspectives on Geographical Indications

 10.00 am
 Montpellier, FRANCE

The conference « Worldwide perspectives on Geographical Indications: an International Conference for Researchers, Policy Makers and Practitioners » will be organised by Cirad and FAO in Montpellier, France, from July 5 to 8, 2022.

Registration is open until May 31, 2022.

The Organising Committee invites researchers, students, producers, GI organizations, public authorities, policymakers, international development organizations and other experts and professionals to share their most recent research or practical experience in relation to one of the four main themes of the conference: 

  1. Defining GIs
  2. Managing GIs
  3. GIs and sustainability
  4. GIs and consumers

Submission of scientific contributions (2 pages) is open until May 1, 2022.

More infos here: https://gi2021.sciencesconf.org/


AREPO coordinated a session on the governance of GIs and the role of regional and local public actors, aiming to discuss the role of local and regional public actors along the process of protection and valorisation of GIs, exchanging good practices and experiences from all over the world. Many AREPO regions participated as speakers in the panel.

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