7 August 2023 News

MOVING: the latest project releases on mountain value chains

MOVING project partners continue their research work on value chains from the 23 mountain regions covered by the project, providing valuable insights and findings to better understand the challenges they face across Europe.

As a result, the project produced several materials, most of which are accessible through the website, aimed at analysing the vulnerabilities and strengths of these value chains, as well as identifying strategies, recommendations and good practices to be implemented to enhance their resilience.

Among these releases, it is included a report focusing on the vulnerability and resilience performance of these value chains. It examines the perceived threats faced by these value chains and it identifies preconditions for building adaptive capacity to enhance resilience. The report offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in mountain regions.

The report on Upgrading Strategies for the Value Chains provides recommendations and strategies to strengthen the value chains in mountain regions. These strategies aim to enhance their resilience, promote sustainable practices, and ensure long-term viability.

Another significant document is the second set of MOVING Practice Abstracts.

In August 2022, the project delivered the first set of 31 Practice Abstracts providing key results and outcomes of specific tasks carried out up to that time in MOVING and practical recommendations to enable the practitioners make use of the results.

With the same objective of communicating easy-to-access information to practitioners relevant to the project, the second set of abstracts showcase successful initiatives and solutions implemented by actors on the ground to address the vulnerabilities and enhance the resilience of mountain value chains.

Several mountain value chains object of the analysis and research of MOVING concern quality products such as PDOs/PGIs and organic products.

Those value chains are being further explored through Cluster V on Value and quality products, led by MOVING partners from VINIDEA. This clustering aims to develop a cross-regional benchmarking against vulnerability, sustainability and resilience criteria, focusing on the trade-offs between the provision of public and private goods in mountain areas. Read more on MOVING mountain clusters here.

All MOVING publications are available in the Library section of the website.