24 April 2024

Analysis of the implementation of the EU Optional Quality Term “mountain product”| MOVING

11 April 2024

Signing of the new GI Regulation: GIs and Mountain products take center stage in Brussels

25 March 2024

Mountains of opportunity: MOVING Scientific Conference

24 January 2024

Enhancing Mountain Products: Insights from the TOP-Value EU Interreg Project

17 January 2024

Shaping the future of Europe’s mountain regions: High-level experts gather in Brussels

14 November 2023

MOVING: ‘Unlocking the Power of Mountain Value Chains’

16 October 2023

NEW ON MOVING BLOG: New EU system on geographical indications for craft and industrial products

7 August 2023

MOVING: the latest project releases on mountain value chains

30 May 2023

MOVING survey on the EU optional quality term “mountain product”

3 May 2023

MOVING mountain clusters

11 February 2023

MOVING 5th Steering Committee

11 October 2022

NEW ON MOVING BLOG: The EU CAP Network, the platform where MOVING contributions and the new CAP objectives can meet

3 August 2022

MOVING Set of Policy Briefs: Iberian Ham PDO – Los Pedroches

25 July 2022

MOVING Set of Policy Briefs: PDO chestnut flour and chestnut trees in the Renoso massif

24 May 2022

NEW ON MOVING BLOG: The revision of the EU Geographical Indications system

14 March 2022

MOVING’s Steering Committee: the results of the first year and a half

16 September 2021

MOVING’s Steering Committee: first year’s progress

21 September 2020

MOVING project has officially begun!