14 November 2023

MOVING: ‘Unlocking the Power of Mountain Value Chains’

10 May 2023

VIDEO – 5th AREPO European event on quality and origin products in the framework of AGROSMARTglobal

3 May 2023

MOVING mountain clusters

6 April 2023

5th AREPO EU event on Quality and Origin Products in the framework of AGROSMARTglobal

14 March 2023

AREPO Practical Guide on “The protection of GIs on the Internet” | AGROSMARTglobal

2 May 2022

1st AREPO 2022 GA and the AGROSMARTglobal project!

11 April 2022

Survey on the promotion and protection of EU quality schemes on the Internet – AGROSMARTglobal

16 September 2021

MOVING’s Steering Committee: first year’s progress

21 September 2020

MOVING project has officially begun!

9 July 2019

AGROSMARTglobal has been approved!

5 June 2018

The AGROSMARTcoop Transnational Forum of AREPO!

28 March 2018

PRESS RELEASE: 4th edition of the European Event on Quality and Origin Products

31 January 2017

1st plenary meeting for 2017: the AGROSMARTcoop project!

21 November 2016

2nd Transnational Coordination Meeting of the AGROSMARTcoop project!

19 September 2016

Kickoff meeting of AGROSMARTcoop!