7 February 2013 News

Registration of the name “Gruyère” as a Protected Geographical Indication

The European Commission has added the name “Gruyère” to the list of protected geographical indications (PGI). Since this cheese has a common Franco-Swiss origin, the name “Gruyère” (France) will coexist with that of “Gruyère” (Switzerland), protected within the Union in the framework of the EU-Switzerland Agreement of 2011 on geographical indications. To avoid confusion between the two names and to ensure full consumer information, labeling additional measures were planned, following consultation with Switzerland and France. The country of origin, in this case France, should be indicated in the same field of vision as the name “Gruyère” in lettering of the same size. In addition, the use of any flag, emblem, sign or other graphic representation likely to mislead consumers is prohibited.

Source: European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development