27 April 2020 News

Facing Covid-19: the measures taken by Bretagne Region

Bretagne Region has mobilised € 103.8 million to take a series of economic measures to help companies and associations get through the crisis caused by COVID-19 and prepare for the recovery.

The State-Region Solidarity Fund

This fund, aimed at supporting very small enterprises (VSEs) affected by a loss of turnover, is divided into two parts: part 1 is managed by the State, the second by the Region. In this framework, very small enterprises (with up to 10 employees) and farmers who are members of a joint farming group with an annual turnover of less than €1 million are eligible for a grant of up to €1 500 (Strand 1) and additional aid (Strand 2) of between €2 000 and €5 000 (in addition to the aid granted under Strand 1) depending on the enterprise's turnover and cash-flow requirements. More information here.

Advanced payment of regional aid

For businesses and farmers, the Region has adopted a provision establishing the advanced payment of repayable advances already voted, and up to 90% of their amount, equivalent to around €50 million injected into the economy. In addition, to avoid weakening companies' cash flow, repayments due to the Region are deferred.

Maintaining activities

In order to maintain materials and equipment available for vital and strategic activities during Covid-19 epidemic, such as all those related to health services and the food industry, a web page has been put online to connect Breton companies and public or private entities, with the aim of collecting and sharing available stocks and the skills to produce them. More information here.

Produits-locaux.bzh Platform

The solidarity platform Produits-locaux.bzh, led by the Region together with its usual partners in the agri-food sector, aims to bring together Breton producers and consumers, by allowing the distribution of a whole selection of seasonal products available for home delivery, delivery to local shops or via drive-through collection in compliance with health regulations.

Through a map of Bretagne region, the new tool , identifies and locates the producers closest to home.

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