23 novembre 2017 Actualités

Commission adopted 2018 Annual Work Programme

On November 15th, 2017, the Commission adopted the annual work programme for 2018 for EU agricultural products with an increased budget of €179 million, compared to €142 million in 2017. The 2018 work programme aims at increasing the number of individual campaigns aimed at non-EU countries with the highest potential of growth. Within the internal market, the focus is essentially on co-financing campaigns designed to inform consumers about the various EU quality schemes and labels (organic, PDO, PGI, TSG).

A portion of the funding allocated for 2018 promotion campaigns is targeted on promoting sustainable sheep/goat production to try to counter the impact of the ongoing difficulties the market is experiencing. An additional allocation has also been set aside for campaigns designed to promote healthy eating and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables within the EU, a direct response to the difficulties the fruit and vegetable sector in particular has faced as a result of the Russian embargo.

The calls for proposals for specific campaigns will be published in January 2018.

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