10 March 2012 News

AREPO’S General Assembly: Take-off of new lobbying group on olive oil that brings together more than 50% of the European production

In the course of their respective general assemblies on 7th and 9th March, AREPO and AREFLH have validated the creation of a joint working group of olive and olive oil producing regions, on the initiative of the Region of Andalusia.
This is the first attempt to gather and bring in institutional interests of the territories producers of olive oil and of the production industry at a European level.
The aim of the initiative is to contribute to the creation of measures to protect and boost the sector, to which are linked thousands of jobs, strengthening quality systems and working in order for the reform of the CAP to acknowledge the realities of growers, through the system of direct payments and market measures.
15 European regions that account for 55% of the area devoted olive growing in the EU decided to join the group.