13 December 2023

Commission sets stage for the future of EU Agriculture

1 March 2022

EU GIs stakeholders express their concerns on the upcoming GI policy reform

10 November 2021

GI reform: the sectors unite against the weakening of the GI system

16 September 2021

MOVING’s Steering Committee: first year’s progress

30 November 2020

Strengthening Geographical Indications

21 November 2019

AREPO draws attention to the importance of re-establishing the parliamentary intergroup on wines, spirits and quality foodstuffs

12 July 2019

Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications

9 July 2019

AGROSMARTglobal has been approved!

6 November 2017

Encuentro marcas de calidad en Navarra

3 May 2017

AREPO participated to annual meeting of Strength2Food project

27 March 2017

AREPO and ERIAFF re-launch the survey on RDP measure 16.01 on operational groups

9 March 2017

NAT Conference on the future of CAP after 2020

27 February 2017

Origo. 2017, Geographical Indications’ Global Forum

12 December 2016

AREPO participated to the 2016 EU Agricultural Outlook conference

1 December 2016

AREPO participated in the 3rd Meeting of the European Rural Networks’ Assembly

28 November 2016

AREPO participated in the Civil Dialogue Group on Organic Farming

8 November 2016

AREPO is launching a survey on RDP measure 16.01 on operational groups

13 October 2016

EWRC conference: Contribution of non-agricultural geographically-rooted products to regional inclusive economic development

29 September 2016

AREPO participated in the Forum Origin Diversity and Territories in Turin