11 June 2020 News

SUS-TER Course: management of sustainable processes of territorial valorisation of the cultural heritage

Develop knowledge, skills and competences to promote and manage sustainable and inclusive processes of territorial valorisation of cultural heritage, products of origin and biodiversity in rural areas. This is the objective of the first edition of the SUS-TER course for “Territorial Enhancer”, promoted by the Departments of Science for Economics and Business and of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies of the University of Florence (UNIFI).

The course is carried out within the European project “SUS-TER“, coordinated by the University of Florence and co-financed by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union, action “Capacity Building in higher education”.

Besides UNIFI, the Universities of the following countries collaborate in the realization of the course: Colombia (University of Caldas and University of Quindío), Costa Rica (National University of Costa Rica and University of Costa Rica), Mexico (National Autonomous University of Mexico and Iberoamerican University) and Spain (University of Barcelona).

In particular, SUS-TER intends to develop a new interdisciplinary profile of “Territorial Enhancer”, able to design, animate and coordinate:

  • Local forms of interaction between the resources, society and the local economy, applying a territorial development approach based on sustainability and inclusion;
  • Local systems of territorial governance, mobilizing knowledge and good practices aimed at promoting forms of dialogue and interaction and building networks and alliances with external actors;
  • Territorial marketing plans, applying methodologies that allow local enterprises to access markets in a competitive, sustainable and inclusive way.

The SUS-TER course will achieve these objectives by adopting an innovative approach, based on concepts of modularity, integration of theoretical and practical knowledge, combination of various learning methods.

The course will be held in Spanish and will include a 14-day Territorial Laboratory in Colombia. The lab will play a key role, allowing to build shared learning spaces that, starting from local experiences, activate a dialogue between students, teachers, territorial actors and local masters.

The first edition of the course is reserved to UNIFI students enrolled in master’s degree or first level master’s degree courses. After this first phase of testing, the course will be permanently integrated within UNIFI’s training offer and will be open both to students and to territorial actors from different fields, such as: development agencies and public administrations; enterprises and producers’ organizations; peasant communities and cooperatives; women’s and youth organizations.

More information:

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