16 July 2021 News

Arfini F., Mancini M.C. and Guareschi M. (2019). Innovation and typicality in localised agri-food systems: the case of PDO Parmigiano Reggiano. British Food Journal, Vol. 121 No. 12, pp. 3043-3061. DOI 10.1108.

The purpose of this paper is to analyse the determinants and the impact of some of the more significant innovations applied to the localised agri-food systems (LAFSs) bearing a (Geographical indication) GI product, considering the multi-faceted aspects of innovation and how the producers have managed the implementation of such innovations. It underlines implications on territory and sustainability. The research analyses some of the more significant innovations applied to the PR VC. Despite a large number of innovations were introduced since 1860, the authors had to choose just some of them, considering also the availability of dates. The analysis shows the positive and negative impacts of innovations. The main finding is that governance action is crucial to pursuing quality strategies and maintaining economic value at the production level.