16 July 2021 News

Belletti G., Marescotti A. (2017), “Old world case study: the role of protected geographical indications to foster rural development dynamics: the case of Sorana bean PGI”, in Van Caenegem W., Cleary J. (Eds.), “The importance of place: geographical indications as a tool for local and regional development”, Springer International Publishing, pp.320-350

The protection of Geographical Indications is an issue of growing importance all over the world, as it offers local producers a tool to differentiate their products on the market and escape price competition. In the European Union, the legal protection of Geographical Indications dates back to 1992, and aims at both preventing misuses and abuses of brand names on the market fostering fair competition among producers and transparent and complete information to consumers, and supporting rural development dynamics, especially in marginal areas. In this chapter, after describing the many and multifaceted effects the protection of Geographical Indications may exert on the economic, social, and environmental spheres, the case study of the Sorana Bean PGI in Tuscany (Italy) will be analyzed. The case is related to a very small production system, where a few small farms are using the protected Geographical Indication to market their product. The case shows that the protection granted by the European Union, besides supporting farmers’ income, exerts important economic and social effects on the territory, thus supporting rural development in a marginal area.