11 June 2015 News

AREPO has accepted to chair the EC seminar on GI in Milano 2015

The European Commission organizes the seminar “Geographical indications in a globalised world: a win-win for producers and consumers” in the EU pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

AREPO has accepted to chair this seminar.

Geographical indications are a worldwide phenomenon contributing to the development of rural areas and facilitating the participation of often small producers in global trade. Producers of geographical indications from within and outside the EU will be invited to tell their stories and share their experience.

Discussions shall focus on two aspects:

  1. the contribution of geographical indications to the sustainable development of rural areas;
  2. the experience with the various registration and protection systems, including legal and practical problems encountered.

The exchange in Milano aims at increasing mutual knowledge and at providing tools and models to be used and reproduced in different contexts.

The seminar shall collect concrete examples confirming the role and value of geographical indications as a source of sustainable development for the regions concerned and as an instrument with substantial potential in world trade, to the benefit of consumers and producers.

Consult the programme at the following link: