19 July 2021 News

Barjolle D., Vandecandelaere E. (2012), “Identification of origin-linked products and their potential for development. A methodology for participatory inventories”, FAO, Roma

The main aim of this study is to offer a method and a tool to help the stakeholders involved identify food and agricultural products that could become the pivotal elements in a virtuous circle of origin‐linked quality through a territorial strategy for preservation and promotion. The enhancement of a product of origin‐linked quality can have positive effects that are reinforced over time in terms of the economic viability and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage.  This paper seeks to support the identification phase, which is carried out by local stakeholders within the territory of a given product or is introduced by policymakers at a higher, regional or national, level to support such strategies in the zones under their political control. The paper has two specific objectives: first, to propose a set of criteria for analysing the origin‐linked quality of a particular product and then the strengths and weaknesses in its zone and production system under a territorial strategy for economic development and preservation of the heritage based on the enhancement of the product; second, to propose an inventory process to be adopted by the region or country as a whole (and thus covering various zones and their products) in support of a territorial development policy, and to identify pilot case studies from a list of potential products.