4 October 2022 News

Salvat Benlloch, M., Public quality labels in food. Keys to achieving strong regional brands, Doctoral Thesis.

The use of public quality labels is a strategy that makes it easier to identify product quality in the food sector. They help to certify products with differentiated quality and respond to a collaborative public-private strategy that aims to achieve a common good: promoting the regional food sector. For this research, we have studied the characteristics of 18 multi-brand products which had received public quality labels promoted by the Autonomous Communities in Spain. We have done so from the perspective of their owners, the public Administrations, focused on labeling. We analyse the nature of these labels, their history, why they have been created, and what their identity, promotion, and management should be like. We also determine the key factors in helping to build strong shared public quality labels. It is presented a management model for these brands that makes it possible to develop them over time and to promote effective brand communication.

Correspondence: martasalvatbenlloch@gmail.com