19 May 2016 News

7th International Conference on Localized Agri-food Systems

On May 8-10th AREPO participated in the 7th conference on localized agri-food systems organised by Södertörn University, the Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientist NJF, the European Research Group SYAL and the REDSIAL (Latin American Network on Localised Agri-food Systems). The congress was held at Södertörn University in Flemingsberg, Stockholm.

During the last decades, Localized agri-food systems (SYAL) have become increasingly important as tools for farmers, rural firms and consumers to meet market challenges and satisfy the rising demand for “food with a farmers face”. The potential contribution of localized agri-food systems to rural development by promoting economic development, social cohesion and counter-acting the demographic impact of agricultural modernization has also increased their political relevance. Previous research has addressed various aspects of the relationship between SYAL and geographical indications, as well as territorial, organisational and cultural issues, but there are still many unanswered questions and theoretical gaps to fill.

AREPO participated in the session on Territorial governance and innovation in Local Agro-food Systems with a presentation on “The role of EU regional networks in supporting research and innovation on GIS and LAF systems”. Regional administrations represent a key-player in territorial development and networks of regions at EU level can support the development of SYAL approach in policies elaboration. The presentation reviewed in particular the potential of collaboration between AREPO and ERG SYAL network.

The European Research Group (ERG) SYAL gathers together thirty research institutions of eight European countries, promoting research and education on localised agro-food systems at the European level.

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Consult here AREPO presentation